Ch-ch-ch Changes

“Change” should be my word of the year. Emotionally, physically, spiritually – you name it – I’ve been hard at work examining what I value and making the necessary steps to make my life reflect that, including on this site!

When I was but a wee babe of 21 I created a blog called, “One Wandering Soul”. I had recently returned from a month-long European adventure and was determined to write about my travels. I dabbled with it a bit throughout my college career but was never happy with anything I wrote, so the blog sat dormant until I moved to Cambodia in 2013. Dusting off the ol’ URL I described my new life for friends and family back home. While I only wrote sporadically I enjoyed sharing my experiences.

A couple years later I decided to give illustrating a go. I’d been playing around with the idea for a while so when a stranger told me, “Based on your style I would have guessed you were an illustrator!” I took it as a sign from the universe. Thus, Awkward & Aware was born. Like with most of my creative pursuits my motivation gave way to overwhelm as I tried to keep ideas flowing for both spaces while working and attempting to have a social life.

I gave up. My mind was (and is) bursting with ideas but I kept listening to that anxious part of my brain, telling me that no one cares what I have to say and if I can’t make something perfect, why even bother trying?

Well, if no one really cares then why does it need to be perfect? I can write and draw what I want, whenever I want!

My therapy is going swimmingly if you can’t already tell.

So to make life easier for me I decided to combine both my creative outlets (it’s also cheaper). One Wandering Soul, meet Awkward & Aware. I imported most of my old blog posts here and will continue writing and illustrating my awkward life. I had planned on reworking blog posts and illustrations to reflect my current branding style, but that’s a lot of work. I still may update my favorite illustrations… I haven’t decided yet…

If you’ve been following this site, that’s what’s going on. If you’re new, that was a bunch of useless information. You’re welcome.

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