Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of (Cambodian) Summer

Cambodian Summer

To celebrate my friend Sebastian’s birthday and completion of his master’s thesis I illustrated a version of a photo I took of him on my balcony in Cambodia (I added myself in the above version because, why not…).

Sebi and I met last September amidst the backpackers crowding Angkor What? He called me a fat penguin. At least, that’s what I thought he called me. It was very loud. Turns out he was trying to tell one of those break-the-ice jokes. I guess it worked. When I told him I lived in town with three housemates he thought I said “husbands”. No, I am not a practicer of polyandry – it was just very, very loud. Pro tip: don’t have conversations in crowded backpacker bars.

I spent the weekend showing him around my town: Live music at Charlie’s, $1 cocktails at Khmer Taste, street-cart noodles, Hotel Transylvania 2 at the brand new cinema. I even wow-ed him with my expert Curry Walla ordering skillz.

One afternoon we rented an extra bicycle and rode to the Angkor Wat themed mini golf course on the edge of town. We were rained out half-way through our first round, thinking golf clubs and lightening weren’t a good mix. Although there had been a 90% chance I had forgotten to put on deodorant that day, so the rain was probably a good thing…

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