I have mixed feelings about “ghosting”, the act of not responding to someone’s messages, texts, calls, voicemails, etc. and essentially turning into a ghost. I usually hear the term associated with people met online, which is understandable.

You’re feeling a bit lonely, maybe a tad adventurous but all in all ready to foray into the online dating scene. You swipe right on someone you find attractive with a somewhat interesting profile and commence a few back-and-forth messages. Once you’ve learned a bit more about this complete stranger you realize you really aren’t that interested, now what?¬†On one hand, you can be up front about your feelings (or lack thereof) and risk that this person could turn into a complete psycho and call you a bunch of horrible names (it happens, check out @byeFelipe on Instagram…). Or you can just disappear.

I have tried ghosting someone before but after a few days I started to feel bad. Other than showing an initial interest in possibly meeting this person IRL, I mean I literally said, “Haha, possibly” after he suggested, “Perhaps a first date, lol” I never really showed any intention of meeting this person. I flaked on a phone call and waited a LONG time before responding to his texts (super mature, I know…) but he still didn’t take the hint. Finally, after he tried asking me out with more definitive plans I told him I just wasn’t interested in a relationship at the moment and apologized for leading him on. He said he understood and was super nice about it.

Then he suggested meeting in person again…

Initiate: Ghost Sequence.


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