Bow (wow) Down

Bow (wow) Down

I’m sure I’ve said it before and will without a doubt say it again, job hunting is a nightmare. I’ve tried to create somewhat of a routine to keep myself sane: wake up, coffee, yoga/flop around on my mat, take Koda for a walk, write some cover letters, catch up on the DVR, send some applications, etc.

Now that it is getting warmer I’ve started opening up the doors so Koda can lounge outside and I can breathe some fresh air. When I’m feeling particularly nice/am procrastinating I’ll pull out one of our lounge chairs so Koda has something soft to lay on. The only problem, he’s getting a bit too used to it. As soon as we finish our morning walk he will bark at the back door until I let him out and then continue to bark at me until I put his (because it is his now…) lounge chair in the sun.

My dog is a diva.

And I need a job.


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