Werk, Bitch


I am a tad addicted to Blogilates. When I first started following Cassey Ho’s workouts I thought, “This will be easy!” I was so wrong… I have yet to complete one of her calendars but I blame that on my knees. Recently I had them reX-rayed and confirmed that I have arthritis in my left and the right cannot be too far behind.

I’m 25 going on 80…

I blame my one-time fling with sports. I was a fresh-faced freshman and eager to start over. When I heard my dorm was putting together an indoor soccer team and figured, “Why not? Maybe I’ll be athletic in university!” Within the first five minutes my lack of skill caught up with my competitive nature and with one swift kick and a pop I ended my short-lived athletic career.

Occasionally I flirt with the idea of taking yoga classes, but I prefer to flop around on my mat in the comfort of my own home. I tried Zumba a few times, which went exactly as you’d imagine.


One thought on “Werk, Bitch

  1. I love Cassey! She is so energetic and motivating. But I haven’t been able to do Blogilates because of my back for a while. Instead I go to Chi ball classes which is a bit like pilates – but with a ball – I really love it.

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