Welcome to the Dead Zone

dead zone

The struggle is real. As is how long it took me to type “struggle” correctly… I’ve been home for exactly three weeks in two hours (yes, I’ve been keeping track). One of the things I was looking forward to, besides the absence of large spiders in my toilet, was lightening fast wifi. Must have forgotten my bedroom is our house’s dead zone.

Within a few days of switching back to my trusty U.S. SIM I received a friendly reminder that I had almost depleted my data for the month. I was faced with two options: find another spot in the house to communicate with my overseas friends or get a new phone plan so I can continue calling/messaging from the comfort of my bed. I got a new plan. And since all customer service associates are named Swindler Swindlestein (although very helpful, thanks!) I walked out with my own account and a brand new phone… I have one month to find a new job because that’s when my bill is due… No pressure.

On the plus side, I no longer have to crouch like a ninja in the small corner by my bedroom door whilst trying to have private, very long-distance conversations, constantly yelling: “What? I didn’t catch that?” and “Can you here me now?” (the old school Verizon commercials, anyone? anyone? Bueller?) as my brother and dog stare at me with concerned faces. Yay!

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