The Twist

the twist

I’ve been a bit blocked creatively the past… I’m too embarrassed to add up how long it’s been.

Maybe not so much blocked as crushed under a mountain of anxiety. Life happens.

Anyway, I’m back and awkward as ever!

The other night my friend and I decided to put our dancing shoes on and light the night on fire with our dancing skillz. At least that was my plan. Midway through my signature dance move: fingers out, hips twisting; when my ankle went one direction and my body the other.

I was a bit stunned to say the least. One minute I’m busting a sweet move, the next busting my ass on the pavement. Plus, instant pain in my ankle. My night ended quite abruptly and I’ve spent the past two days slowing losing my mind on bed rest.

Ironically enough, my travel health insurance policy ran out that same day and I made a joke, “For the next 10 days I am not allowed to injure myself, or if I do it has to be serious enough for my normal insurance to bring me home.”

Lesson learned: Don’t take “the twist” literally. And I should probably find a new, signature dance move…

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