Creepy Critters

Toilet Snake

About a month ago I went on a mini-holiday in Laos. I am 90% sure I had some type of intestinal parasite at the time, which meant a lot of, uh, bathroom breaks. Reality isn’t glamourous… Sorry…

Anyway, we spent one morning exploring the island, Don Khon, on a motorbike and had stopped for a few minutes to check out a beach along the river. I spotted a “toilet” sign and decided to take this opportunity to use an actual bathroom (by “actual” I mean a squat toilet as opposed to the woods…). I trekked up a small hill and decided to check out the situation before choosing whether to follow the “Remove Shoes” instructions posted on the door. I slowly swung the door open and felt something splat on my feet.

At first I thought it was a piece of green rope that had been tied to the door, until it slithered away.

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