Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Netflix just added the latest season of Criminal Minds and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The other night my housemate and I discovered another huntsman of unusual size, literally the largest one I’ve seen yet. He was just hanging out on the wall, way too high to reach with a broom. We thought about trying but reasoned he’d either run away or fall on one of us. Neither option seemed like it would end well, so we decided to do nothing and hope he’d go away (to where, the obvious concern) or we’d forget (unlikely). I’ve been tiptoeing around the house all week; checking all the walls before I enter a room, shaking out my towels before using them, pre-flushing the toilet because you only need one spider-leaping-out-of-the-toilet-and-landing-on-your-leg-while-naked experience. Trust me.

Like I mentioned, I’ve been binge-watching Criminal Minds, usually before bed… The other night the last episode I watched before attempting sleep was about a psycho who covered this woman in┬áspiders. Needless to say I did not sleep very well.

The night terrors are real.

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