A Very Small World

A Very Small World

I think children are like cats, drawn to those who don’t particularly want them around.

Once, while standing in the buffet line at a wedding reception for a friend-of-a-friend a little girl, probably around 2 years old spotted me across the event hall and beelined towards me, coming to a stop inches from my legs, just staring.

“Does she know you?” A middle-aged woman asked, slightly out of breath from running after the girl. “I’m just watching her for her parents.”

I slowly backed away. “No, I’ve never seen this child before in my life…”

“Oh.” She promptly snatched her up and hurried away.

Meanwhile, my friend almost peed herself she was laughing so hard.

Recently I’ve been receiving mail from various shopping centers with baby registries with messages along the lines of, “Congratulations!”. Since I live abroad I hear about these congratulatory salutations via my very unnerved parents.

No. Just no.

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