Harold the Horrible Huntsman pt. 2: THE RETURN

The Return

First things first, yes. my walls are a horrible mauve-y color. Our landlady won’t let us repaint….

After Kyle left for the States on Tuesday I tore myself away from my ice cream and Gilmore Girls’ reruns long enough to rearrange all of the furniture in my room and finally clean the carpet of dust that had formed behind my wardrobe. I swear it hadn’t been moved in at least 3 years…

Midway through the dust-carpet removal I saw something very large and brown scamper out of my line of sight. To be honest, I’m not at all surprised there was a huntsman living behind my wardrobe, I just don’t like thinking about how long he’s been hiding out there…

We stared at each other for a few minutes, daring each other to move. Gradually it sunk in: I have to deal with this on my own now… and slowly reached for the broom.

Awkward, aware, and alone.

Pass the ice cream.

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