Pre-Hive Heaven

Cat Cafe

I can’t just walk past a sign advertising: “Come play with our kittens and puppies!” for only $5. I mean, COME ON!

Kyle and I had escaped to Phnom Penh for the weekend (Siem Reap was electricity-less for days) and happened upon Cambodia’s very own Cat Cafe! Both being highly allergic to cats, and possible anything with fur, we knew it was a horrible idea. So we went.

After dosing ourselves with antihistamines we entered the inner-sanctum of cat heaven and were immediately bombarded by cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I normally don’t do this, but here is an actual photo:

Real Cat Cafe

We were there for well over an hour. At one point, one cat was following me everywhere and would leap into my lap anytime I sat down, batting away any other curious creatures.

Had we left 30 minutes before we did things might not have gotten so ugly. And by ugly I mean my face. Hives started to pop up along my arms, neck, and feet. My eyes were watering so badly it looked like I was having a mental breakdown, and my right eye was beginning to swell shut and remained that way for the entire day and most of the next. Kyle was afraid it looked like he’d┬ápunched me in the face.

Was it worth it?

Hell yes.

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