Anti-Social Social Media Manager


Everyday I question why I do what I do. I mean the word “social” is in almost every job description I’ve had! Don’t get me wrong, I have an outgoing, center-of-attention personality, it’s just A LOT of work and requires copious amounts of “me time” to recover from.

Even the title “Communications Manager” throws me every now and then.

I have three fears: bears, sharks, and telephones. Sometimes I will break into tears if I am asked to make a phone call out of the blue. Unless I’ve mentally prepared for whatever may be on the other end of the line, it isn’t happening.

I prefer to communicate with people behind the safety of the Internet, where only the trolls can get me, or while in costume. Then it’s anyone’s game.

I just want to go to work, do my job, and talk to no one. That’s what friends are for. I like my friends.

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