Getting Around in Cambodia

Getting Around

To say I’m falling apart would be an understatement and I’m pretty sure living in Cambodia isn’t making matters worse.

Two months after I moved here I was hit by a motorcycle, shattering my thumb into a million little pieces. It doesn’t really work anymore. It has really affected my texting game.

I had always complained about my knees hurting and after the accident my mom thought I should get some x-rays while I was home visiting just to make sure I hadn’t done any real damage. Basically I have no cartilage left in my knees, I will never run recreationally again (wasn’t so distraught about that one), and will most likely need a replacement when I’m 40. I am 80 years old.

I spent my 25th birthday at Disney, the most magical place on Earth, and managed to bruise my ribs while riding Thunder Mountain Railroad. It still hurts to take deep breaths.

Combine all of these things with Cambodia’s ever-present heat and getting from point A to point B becomes a serious challenge. I’ve shown up to work on several occasions and had to convince coworkers, no I’m not crying, my face is just really sweaty.

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