How to Survive: a 24-Hour Layover

24-Hour Layover

Essentials for surviving a 24-hour layover:

  • A spot on the floor close to some outlets
  • Heaps of downloaded TV shows and movies
  • A toothbrush and some toothpaste
  • Deodorant (this is more for those around you)
  • Thick, thigh-high socks
  • A travel sized pillow
  • A large scarf or pashmina you can use as a blanket: it will not keep you warm but it’s the thought that counts
  • A stuffed, toy rhinoceros from your childhood, or something that will comfort you during the long, cold hours ahead (plus, it can also double as a pillow if needed.
  • An iron will

I used to love traveling. To clarify really quickly, I use the word “traveling” to define the process of getting from Point A to Point B, not your holiday in general. The thrill of exploring new airports, people watching at terminals, the anxiety about wether or not that drug-sniffing dog would decide your 3oz hand-lotion smelled like heroine… Ah, the joys!

On a recent trip my travel-loving spirit was broken. You can read about the experience on my non-illustrated website, One Wandering Soul, here: How to Torture a Traveler.

Read it? Good. If you poked around more than that just that article, you can probably tell that I have had my fair share of bad travel experiences. My 22 hours in LAX was not the first, nor the last time I’ve spent an inhumane amount of time in an airport. During this most recent trip, and by most recent trip I mean the past two or three days (I lost count) I encountered one delayed flight, which resulted in a missed flight, 24 solid hours in JFK (and not the terminal, the cold, barren wasteland between the outside world and the ticketing counters), and a lost bag (containing all of my belonging, of course.)

For a more detailed description of the ordeal check out How to Torture a Traveler: Part Two.

4 thoughts on “How to Survive: a 24-Hour Layover

  1. So true 🙂 I definitely didn’t mind my 22-hour layover in Singapore. They offer a free bus tour of the city for those with a 6+ hour layover plus there is a movie theater, butterfly garden, and swimming pool!


  2. I would probably lose my sanity if I spend even 10 hours in the airport. I admire you for making the most out it. 🙂 Usually I just step out and come back after a couple hours.


    1. Thanks! Someday, hopefully I’ll have the disposable income (or just income in general, freelance writing from developing countries isn’t the most lucrative…) to be able to stay in a hotel!

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