Cambodian Night Out

Cambodian Night Out

Flipping through magazines during my U.S. visits loses a bit of its appeal when reading about the latest trends starts to look like this:

Bulky sweaters are in, in, in!


Barely there dresses will keep you cool while looking HOT!

And make my Cambodian neighbors extremely uncomfortable. I don’t think so.

Go big or go home: this season’s must-have makeup trends!


One time I attempted to wear make-up in Cambodia. It had been a few weeks since I moved into my tiny, studio apartment and I was overjoyed to hit the town with my newly acquired friends. I went through the motions of my normal routine, which to be honest, wasn’t very extensive to begin with; liquid foundation, a touch of contouring, a stroke of liner, shimmery eyeshadow, and a few coats of mascara.

I stepped away from the mirror to put on my clothes. You always, ALWAYS wait to the last minute to actually get dressed lest you chance sweating through your ensemble before even leaving the house. I nearly screamed when I checked the mirror again, you know, in case I needed a minor touch up.

My foundation was beading together like water on an oily surface and my mascara looked as if it had endured hours of emotional turmoil, and the night hadn’t even begun yet!

“Screw it,” I muttered before washing it all off and heading out into the evening.

General rule of thumb if you ever find yourself in Southeast Asia: Unless you’re going from one air-conditioned location to another (preferably in an air-conditioned mode of transport), skip the face. Because I doubt, Melting: This season’s MUST TRY LOOK! will ever happen.

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