Shopping in Asia

Shopping in Asia

There is nothing as soul crushing as shopping for a pair of skinny jeans in Asia. No matter how much self confidence you possess, you will leave multiple shops on the verge of tears and believing your hips are the size of a water buffalo.

“No big size.” Shop girls repeated to my friend and I over and over. You could almost see a look of disgust flash across their faces when they watched us try to squeeze our not-large-at-all bodies into the largest of the three sizes offered: US sizes 00, 0, and 2. I’m a solid H&M 6. I once watched my housemate make her own sausages, forcing┬ámeat goo into casings. This was kind of like that.

Finally one of the shop girls started furiously rummaging through the once neatly folded pile and holding up pair after pair to our hips.

“Yes!” She cheered and handed me the pair she seemed so confident would fit before beginning the process again for my friend, Elena.

We entered the fitting rooms cautiously and full of doubt.

“OMG I THINK THESE WILL FIT!” Elena shouted from the next cubicle.

I held in my breath and zipped. Yes.

We emerged victorious, high kicking like Rockettes to show off just how well our newly acquired pants fit and completely oblivious that everyone in the shopping center had stopped to stare.

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