20 Everyday, Expat Stresses Of 20-Something Female Life

I had a lot of fun writing my previous post outlining the struggles of being a 20-something living in Southeast Asia. Today I came across another fun article: 20 Everyday, First World Stresses Of 20-Something Female Life. So I give you:

20 Everyday, Expat Stresses Of 20-Something Female Life

1. To blow out or to work out…

Last time I attempted a ‘blow out’ my landlord’s mother freaked out about the sound. My landlord frantically knocked on my door, “Amanda! Are you ok? Is that your hair-drying machine? My mother didn’t know what it was!”

Wondering whether or not to exercise in my air/con-less apartment while it’s 95 degrees with 112% humidity is also an internal battle I fight daily.

2. Choosing what to eat for dinner

20-cent noodles. Every time. Extra MSG, please.

3. Responding to a flirty text message

Next time I receive one I’ll let you know.

4. Out-of-control hair

Come on, is there any other kind?

5. Periods.

The day you run out of the tampons you brought with you from the States is a dark, dark day. Not only will you have to spend a million dollars to get a brand you recognize (if you can find them) but you’ll get the third degree from every Cambodian woman in the store: “What are those for?” Followed by intense giggling.

6. Sexytime

Hahahahahahaha ………. ………. ………..

7. Whether this dress will go on sale because paying full price is a no-go

Paying full price is for the timid who don’t know how to bargain. $10 for that dress, you say? Bring. It. On.

8. Far too many after-work activities

This one is a bit legitimate. When town is only a 10-minute cycle ride away and it’s full of fancy hotels and restaurants putting on special deals every day of the week to attract tourists, not taking advantage is just dumb. Where else in the world can you waltz into a five-star hotel and not be told to hit the bricks?

9. Being alone… forever

Another valid fear. When I’m trying to save money I end up eating in a lot. By the time the weekend rolls around I can be pretty starved for human interaction.

10. There isn’t enough time to get everything done

This really isn’t a problem in Southeast Asia; everyone just kind of goes with the flow. Also, when your seasons consist of hot and dry and hot and wet, keeping track of passing time is difficult. What do you mean it’s July ALREADY!?

11. Friends getting married

No, I will not fork out $1,000+ to fly home for your wedding. #sorryimnotsorry

12. Work

Everyone stresses about work and money, no matter where they live.

13. Grooming

I don’t understand the question… I was my hair twice a week, isn’t that enough?

14. Overanalyzing

To buy a refrigerator or not? I could by cheese and not have to eat it all in one sitting! But my electric bill will go up. Cold water in the morning would be fantastic! How would I even get it home? Cheese. Would I really save money eating out? Cheese. I made it six months without one and did fine. I did eat an entire package of camembert and called it dinner. Twice.

15. Wondering if everyone just saw some booty

Have you ever tried to cycle in a skirt? At least you aren’t one of the table-dancing backpackers at Angkor What. Sometimes I think they honestly forgot to get dressed before going out in public. Poor things.

16. Just wanting to sit on the couch and watch “Orange Is the New Black”



17. Errands

Oh look, it’s raining. I guess I’ll have to wait and buy toilet paper in November.

18. Social media

a.k.a. the only way to stay up-to-date on your friends’ lives back home.

19. Social life

Four vacancies are about to open up in our circle of friends. Please send your applications to stayinglongerthan6months@wecantemotionallyhandleitanymore.com

20. Health

Please don’t be dengue, please don’t be dengue, please don’t be dengue…

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